Welcome to our wonderful community! All of us are so excited for you to join us in the beautiful Colleges Nine and Ten Apartments. Our community serves all continuing students affiliated with College Nine, College Ten, and beyond!!! Stay tuned for all updates on housing and events through our apartment email list.

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The Apartment buildings house students in single, double, small double, triple and large triple rooms. The apartments are available to upper-division students from both College Nine and College Ten and are not available for first-year students. Ground floor apartments have decks, while most upper apartments have private balconies. The apartments are situated in a redwood grove behind Social Sciences I and II. A nature reserve serves as the “backyard,” providing immediate access to hiking and running trails.

Each apartment is furnished with a dining room table and chairs, a sofa, chairs, small tables, and a lamp in the living room. The kitchen contains a stove and oven, full-size refrigerator, a sink, and numerous cabinets for storage. Residents are responsible for bringing other kitchen items such as silverware, pots and pans, and general cookware. The bedrooms have an extra long twin mattress bed (80”x36”x6”), desk, chair, two-drawer filing cabinet, dresser, and wardrobe closet for each resident. Residents are encouraged to bring a desk lamp for their bedrooms.  All apartments use ResNet wifi.


 Apartment Configurations

  • 4 Person Apartment – AT, AS (only 1 RH Apt)
  • 5 Person Apartment – AT, AD
  • 5 Person Apartment – AT, A2  (only 4 RH Apt)
  • 5 Person Apartment – ALT, A2 (only 1 RH Apt)
  • 6 Person Apartment – AT, AT
  • 6 Person Apartment – AT, ALT
  • 6 Person Apartment – ALT, ALT
  • 6 Person Apartment – A2, A2, AS, AS
  • 7 Person Apartment – AQ, ALT (only 1)

Please visit for more information on applying to the Apartments at College Ten.