College Staff

List of College Ten staff by unit.


  • Flora Lu

    Flora Lu

    (831) 459-5852,

    Hello and welcome! My name is Flora Lu and I am the Provost of College Ten. The Provost is the academic administrator for the college. That means I supervise the academic programs of the college including the college courses, academic advising, academic standing, academic integrity, college honors and distinction programs, and graduation. I hope to see you around College Ten.

  • Sarah Woodside Bury

    Sarah Woodside Bury

    Interim Senior Director of College Student Life at College Ten

    Hello and welcome to College Nine! I am the Interim Senior Director of College Student Life at College Ten. I oversee student life and administration at the college which include a variety of areas such as residence life, college programs, budget, facilities, and supervising our wonderful staff. Our college theme is Community and Social Justice. Please join us in shaping our College Ten community.
  • Laura Wilson

    Laura Wilson

    College Academic Programs Coordinator


    Hello! My name is Laura Wilson (pronouns she/her/hers) and I am the College Academic Programs Coordinator for both College Nine and College Ten. I coordinate the Core Course and other courses offered by the college and provide administrative and academic support to Provost Lu. I am an alumna of Kresge College and I am consistently grateful to be able to walk in the forest just a few steps out of my office.

  • Gabie Darlak

    Assistant to the Senior Director of College Student Life


    Hi, I’m Gabie (pronouns: she/her/hers)! My role is to support the work of the Senior Director and Colleges 9 & 10 administration as a whole. I’m a Class of 2018 Banana Slug with degrees in Community Studies & Environmental Studies, and I am so happy to be able to continue engaging with this beautiful campus and its communities. If you see me exploring upper campus during my lunch break feel free to say hi!

  • Robin Kirksey

    Robin Kirksey

    Financial Coordinator
    (831) 459-3765,

    My name is Robin Kirksey and I am the Financial Coordinator for Colleges Nine and Ten. I take care of all the thrilling details of purchasing and analyzing expenditures at the two colleges. I make sure that the expenditures are charged to the correct accounts, also insuring that all proper guidelines are being followed during every step of the process.

  • Academic Advising

  • Denise Booth

    Denise Booth

     Academic Preceptor

    (831) 459-4407, 

    Hello Slugs! My name is Denise Booth - I am serving as the Academic Preceptor for both College Nine and College Ten.  I am also a proud UCSC alumna. I know that adjusting to university life can be challenging. The advising team is here to help you navigate your university career and assist you in making informed decisions about your education. I encourage you stop by with your general academic advising questions and connect with us.

  • Meaghan O'Shaughnessy

    Meaghan O'Shaughnessy

    Academic Advisor

    Hello! My name is Meaghan O'Shaughnessy, and I'm an Academic Adviser for Colleges Nine and Ten. I'm excited to be back among the redwoods, and in this dynamic UCSC community that both challenges and nurtures its students. As a former first generation and transfer student, and one who didn't think she needed to bother with orientation, I understand what it's like to come into a college and not know where things are, how things work, or whom to seek for help. So, if you're not sure how college works, or how UCSC works, let's talk about it. I am here to help you untangle your academic questions and concerns. My college experience was one of the most transformative and inspiring periods of my life, and I believe yours could be too. I want to help you squeeze as much juice from it as you can, so come see me and let's figure out how best to do that!

  • Student Programming

  • Wendy Baxter

    Wendy Baxter

    Director of Academic and CoCurricular Programs
    (831) 459-3142,

    Hello College Ten students and friends!  My name is Wendy and I work in the Cocurricular Programs Office (aka "The CoCo").  I take great satisfaction from working with our amazing team of students and staff to provide a broad range of opportunities for students to explore the theme of our college, build leadership and other skills, find community, and get involved.  Check out the Cocurricular Programs section to learn a bit about what we do, and please drop by the Coco any time - whether just to see what we're up to, learn a bit more, or dive right in!  We are located right next door to the College Nine Mailroom in Social Sciences 1.  I would also be happy to make an appointment to meet with you - just pop me an email or give me a call.

  • Erin Ramsden

    Erin Ramsden

    CoCurricular Programs Coordinator
    (831) 459-4069,

    Welcome to College Ten! My name is Erin Ramsden and I work in the CoCo office where I mentor students, coordinate events, teach classes and facilitate retreats focused on our theme of Social Justice and Community. Feel free to drop by my office and/or click on the Co-Curricular Programs tab to find out how to get involved!


  • Daphne Mark

    Daphne Mark

    CoCurricular Programs Assistant

    (831) 459-1253,

    Hello my name is Daphne and I'm the CoCurricular Programs Assistant. I work closely with students and staff to help plan events and opportunities offered through the "CoCo". To learn more about the CoCo, visit the CoCurricular Programs section, send a quick email, check us out on social media or come by and say Hi! Welcome to College Ten! 

  • Linnea Beckett

    Linnea Beckett

    Director of (H)ACER

    Hello, my name is Linnea. I am an Assistant Adjunct Professor and the Director of the Apprenticeship in Community Engaged Research Program here at Colleges Nine and Ten. (H)ACER is a unique program that integrates critical service learning experiences with community engaged research. We run Alternative Spring Break, which is a 5-day introduction to the tenets of 'critical' service learning and community engagement, we offer a variety of 2-unit internships (in K-12 public schools, a community garden and local non-profits) and we teach two upper-division qualitative methods courses that draw from critical race and ethnic studies and feminist perspectives to train students in community-engaged research.

  • Tim Barbour

    Tim Barbour

    College Programs Coordinator
    (831) 459-4465,

    Hi! I'm Tim Barbour, the College Programs Coordinator. I oversee the Activities Office at Colleges Nine and Ten. We're the home of the Activities Team of student program planners, the Tech Crew, the Terry Freitas Cafe and it's staff, and the College Guide Program. I also advise the College Nine and College Ten Student Senates. Our office is responsible for several of the programs and events that happen at our colleges.

  • Christian Galliguez

    Christian Galliguez

    Reservations and Events Assistant
    (831) 459-5844, 

    The meeting spaces available at College 10 accommodate everything from student group activities to large events.  I'm thrilled to be part of a team responsible for executing these exciting programs.  Please visit the Activities section of this website and see what we have to offer.  You can even request a reservation online and I will follow up quickly to address your needs.  It's my pleasure to be of service offering these venues as a destination for your event.

  • Residential Life

  • Associate Director of College Student Life

    The Associate Director oversees all the Residential Life and Housing functions for the College in addition to managing the student conduct process for our students. College Nine is currently awaiting our interim Associate Director to be appointed.

    Check out our Residential Life section to find out more about our welcoming housing units and exciting programs.

  • Hailey Lopez

    Hailey Lopez

    Assistant Director for Residential Education (ADRE)

    Hello! My name is Hailey Lopez (she/her pronouns) and I am the Assistant Director for Residential Education (ADRE) at Colleges 9 & 10. I supervise the the Coordinators for Residential Education (CRE) and generally help oversee Residence Life. The CREs and I work collaboratively on student support, leadership development, and to help our students gain the skills they need to thrive in global and diverse communities. Fun facts about me: I am a first generation college student, I love to read, and I have a mini-dachshund (a wiener dog) named Snoodie. I would love for you to visit me in the Residential Life and Housing Office (Hague 1st floor) if you need assistance with anything or if you would like to say 'Hello'.

  • Katie Ilecki

    Katie Ilecki

    Housing Coordinator
    (831) 459-3834,

    Hi! My name is Katie Ilecki(she/her pronouns), Housing Coordinator for College Nine and College Ten! My duties include all housing changes such as room changes as well as any student interested in university housing and their questions. I strive to be welcoming and supportive of all student housing needs and accommodate all as best as possible. Come by and say hello! I'm located in the Residential Life Housing Office in Hague on the 1st floor.

  • Amy Zuroeveste

    Amy Zuroeveste

    Office Coordinator


    Greetings! My name is Amy Zuroeveste (She/Her/Hers pronouns) and I manage the front office in the Residential Life and Housing Office. The Student Housing Assistants and I are here to answer any questions and help you connect with Housing and Residential Life staff. I manage: door access (including new card activation) and any issues relating to your key or lock. 

  • Counseling Services

  • Amy Mandell

    College Ten Psychologist

    (831) 502-7193,

  • Maintenance and Grounds Crew

  • John Cronin

    C9 Apartment Building 1

  • Mauricio Magdaleno

    Dining Hall Basement Maintenance Room

  • Eric Peterson

    Porter College

  • Sheryl McCartney

    Apartments #1004

  • Bill Reid

    Apartment Building 2

  • Michelle Sasse

    R5 Basement