What is Room Selection?

Room selection is an opportunity for eligible, guaranteed continuing students to choose their housing space for the upcoming year. College Nine and College Ten have various housing options to choose from. There are residence hall floors, apartments, and theme options such as Rumi’s Field, and the International Living Center (ILC). Students who wish to create community groups to live with, in either  an apartment or residence hall, may take part in a lottery for Early Group Selection. If chosen, they will be able to choose their roommates or housemates as well as their actual room or apartment. An opportunity to choose your room or roommates is also available during the Online Room Selection days.

Students without a housing guarantee who apply during the Priority Period will automatically be placed on the housing waitlist at their applied-for community. Non-guaranteed wait list applicants will not be considered until all housing guarantees at all communities have been honored. Non-guaranteed students are encouraged to explore their off-campus options and have backup plans. Please see Community Rentals Office Resources.


Room Selection is based on a Priority Points System outlined below:  

College Affiliation
Priority Points Year of Entry** Priority Points
Affiliate 3 2013 or 2014 3
Non-Affiliate 0 2015 2
2016 1
    • *College affiliation is applicable only for assignment processes at the 10 colleges. Affiliation is not a consideration for assignment at Redwood Grove, The Village, or the University Town Center.

    • **Additional points will be assigned to transfer students to place them in their appropriate class level.

    • Student leaders who are identified by the May 1 declaration form deadline will each be granted 1 extra priority point. Student leader positions are defined as:

      • College Guides

      • College Student Government Affiliate

      • College student employees whose employment requires them to work evenings/late nights at their college of residence. (This does not apply to college student employees who live in one community but work in a different community)

    • The year a student entered the University supersedes their class status.

    • Student leaders who are required to live in a specific room or building due to their responsibilities will be assigned in a similar manner as RAs (i.e. assigned in advance of the Early Group Selection process).

    • Space in the International Living Center (ILC), Rosa Parks African American Theme House (RPAATH), the Program in Community & Agroecology (PICA) or in Trans-inclusive Housing will be assigned based on a student's ability to demonstrate their interest, eligibility and/or commitment to one of these residential housing options. Priority will be given to students with housing guarantees; students without housing guarantees may be considered for placement after guarantees have been honored, space permitting. Housing assignments will be made in advance of the Early Group Selection process

Please visit Housing Guarantees for Undergraduate Students for more information.