Wait List Info/Process

What if I wasn’t able to select a room during Room Selection?

  • If you are unable to find a room during the room selection process, you will automatically be put on a waitlist that the Housing Coordinator will manage all summer long. The coordinator will refer to your housing application when looking to place you, so if you have any updates, you must email your Housing Coordinator right away at 9housing10@ucsc.edu.

  • Many cancellations occur during the summer and as long as you are flexible with your housing options, we may be able to find a space for you.

  • If you have a housing guarantee, it ensures a space in university housing, but it may not be your first choice of community or room type. You will have priority to be placed over those without a guarantee.

  • Check your UCSC email frequently and BE PATIENT!  You may not get a housing assignment until the end of the summer, but as long as you have an application on file, we will continue to work hard to find a space for you. Remember that cancellations occur all summer long and spaces continually open up.

  • If at any time you decide to live off-campus, you must remember to go online and cancel your housing application ASAP!  As long as you have an application on file, the University reserves the right to place you at any time.

  • Once you are placed, your contract is active and there will be a fee to cancel that gradually increases over the summer ($150 - $350).