How to Apply: Step-By-Step

You MUST submit an online housing application for 2017-2018 by logging into during this priority period to be eligible to participate in room selection!


Apply online during the:


Monday, April 17th – Monday, April 24th

Important Notes:

  • Be sure you receive a confirmation email with an application number and if you edit your application be sure to hit the "submit" button again or your application will be incomplete and make you ineligible for room selection.

  • Campus-Wide Theme Options such as: The International Living Center (ILC), Rumi’s Field at College Ten, R.PAATH at Stevenson College, and Trans-Inclusive Housing at Redwood Grove require supplemental applications to be considered.


Want to live with a group of your friends in an Apartment or Res Hall? (If not, skip to Step 4)

Apply for Early Group Selection as an Apartment Group or a Res Hall Neighborhood Group.

Remember that each group member must apply to the same college!

Apartment Group = A group that fills an entire apartment (either 4, 5, 6, or 7 person apartment).

Res Hall Neighborhood Group = Residence Hall Groups select a section of hall rooms with a minimum of 3 applicants for 2 or more adjacent rooms and must be able to fill all available spaces in selected rooms.

Important Notes: All apartment and res hall group members must be eligible, guaranteed for housing and submit a housing application to the same college during the Priority Housing Application Period. If one member does not meet this criterion (i.e. guarantee status, application submission period), the entire group will be disqualified from participating in Early Group Selection. Avoid this by double-checking that everyone has applied correctly and is eligible for housing! Your name cannot be in multiple groups – this will disqualify your group.

How To Apply as an Apartment Group or Res Hall Neighborhood Group:

1) Choose your group members.

2) Fill out an Apartment Group or Res Hall Neighborhood Group Declaration Form and submit to the Housing Office by May 1st.

*Forms will be available starting April 17th in the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office and on our College Nine and College Ten websites.

3) If your group is selected, you will receive an invitation via email from the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office with an appointment time for Early Group Selection Day. If you are not selected, you will receive an email notification that you are to participate in Online Room Selection instead.



Monday, May 15th

*For groups who have been invited via email*

1) Monday, May 8th - Early Group Selection Invitation E­‐mail sent from College Nine and College Ten Housing Office with an appointment date and time to come select your spaces with your group.

  • Groups are selected to participate based on their cumulative priority points. Many groups apply every year, so be aware that competition is high.

2) Monday, May 15th - Early Group Selection held in Namaste Lounge at College Nine.

  • Each appointment lasts only about 5- 8 minutes depending on the group size.

  • Come prepared with different options for your group! During the appointment time, groups will choose their Apartment or Res Hall spaces and once the group has reached a consensus, the Housing Coordinator will assign them to the space and confirm your 2017-2018 housing on the spot!

  • If you or other group members are unable to attend during your appointed time, you can designate someone to serve as a Proxy on your Apartment or Res Hall Neighborhood Group form. Group members please make sure you report to your Proxy all your preferences to avoid being placed in a room you do not prefer. If no one from your group can attend, then a separate Proxy can be designated, but you must notify the Housing Coordinator prior to your appointment for approval.



Tuesday, May 16th and Wednesday, May 17th

* For students who were not invited to participate in Early Group Selection and for individuals wishing to select a space on their own.

1) Thursday, May 11th – Online Room Selection Invitation Email from Student Housing Services containing an access code and appointment time to log in.

2) May 16th - 17th - Log into on the date/time emailed to you by Student Housing Services.

  • Open the Community Room Selection option and have your access code ready that Student Housing Services sent to your UCSC email address.

  • You will have an option to select a space as an individual or as part of a group.

  • If you are selecting as a group, you should designate the person with the earliest appointment time to select for the group and have your group members access code ready to be add them into an apartment space or room.

Notes about logging In during Online Room Selection:

  • Spaces fill up quickly! We recommend logging in at your scheduled time. You may log in anytime after your appointment, but other students in your community will also be logging into the system during their time to select their housing space, limiting the available options.

  • If you need help, come to the College Nine and College Ten Res Life & Housing Office during business hours (Monday - Friday 8am- 5pm), and someone will be able to assist you.

2a) Group/Individual Confirmation

Individual Confirmation:

  • To indicate that you would like to select as an individual, click “Continue” to go to the building selection page. To go back and select group members, click “Modify Group.”

  • Remember that if there are unassigned spaces in your apartment/room, other students will be filling those spots during room selection.

Group Confirmation:

  • If you are proceeding as a group, clicking “Continue” affirms that each group member has authorized you to select housing on their behalf. Adding someone without their permission will result in disciplinary action, including the cancellation of your University Housing space and the loss of your housing eligibility.

  • Selecting group members - To add someone to your group, you must have her/his access code. Enter their access code and click the “Add to Group” button. Group members’ names will appear in the box as you add them to your group. To remove someone from your group, click the “Remove from Group” button next to their name.


  • If you are trying to add a group to an apartment, you may add up to as many people that can fill the spaces available in one apartment at the time of your login.

  • If you are choosing as a “group” in a Res Hall, you will only be able to add friends to the same room, not multiple rooms  (selecting spaces with a group of friends in multiple rooms in a res hall is only an option if you applied and were selected to participate in Early Group Selection).

2b) Building Selection

  • Only buildings with spaces that will accommodate your group size, gender(s) and eligibility level(s) will be shown.  You may have to go back and modify the group to find spaces and adjust your group configuration, so have several options in mind when you log in (i.e. if all of you can’t get into the same apartment or room, who will split up, etc.)

  • Please keep in mind that if any group member has restricted room selection eligibility, your group options will be limited as a result. For example, if a member of your group is only eligible to select a res hall space, then the apartment spaces will not be shown.

  • You can select the building to see all floors and available space for that particular building.

5) Floor Selection

  • You will be able to select from floors that have spaces that can accommodate your group size & gender(s). Any theme or housing option associated with apartments/rooms on the floor will be noted.

2c) Apartment/Room Selection

  • You may select from empty or partially filled apartments/rooms. A group does not have to fill an apartment or room as partial groups are allowed.

  • You will be able to see what rooms/apartments are either empty, partially filled, or held by others.

2d) Room Assignment

  • Once you choose a space it will only be held for 10 minutes while you assign yourself. During this time you must assign yourself (and any group members if applicable) and confirm your selection, or you may risk losing the space to another person/group logging in.

  • If you are selecting an apartment space, it is important that you discuss which room types each group member is willing to accept prior to the time of selection. Many apartments have several different room types and configurations.

  • If other students have been assigned to the apartment or room you are looking at, their names will also be displayed, along with their answers to the questions from the Housing Application.

2e) Review & Confirm

  • This is the last step! You will be able to review your room assignment(s) at this point. To complete your assignment(s), click the “Confirm Selection” button. If you wish to make changes to your selection, click the “Previous Step” button.

  • Once you confirm your selection, you cannot go back and make changes, so plan ahead! Talk to your group about what type of room each person is willing to accept and who is going to be in the same room with whom, especially if there are members of your group who will not be present at the time of selection.


Once these steps have been completed, your housing contract is confirmed and your space in University Housing is reserved for the 2017-2018 academic year!