EAP/Visiting/International Transfer Student Move-In Info

Move-In Date and Time:

Thursday, September 21st, 2017 9:00AM-3:00PM

Follow program check-in instructions provided by International Student and Scholar Services - Global Engagement Office. For questions, send an email to istudent@ucsc.edu.

EAP/Visiting Students are international exchange students who are here for a short period of time. International New First Year (Frosh) Students move-in on a different day. See International New First Year (Frosh) Move-In 

Directions from the base of campus:

Once you check in with the International Student and Scholar Services, follow signs to College Nine. The campus address is 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA, 95064, which will take you to the base of campus. Follow signs marked ‘College Nine,’ which will be posted on Coolidge and Hagar Drives and will lead you to College Nine. Detailed directions can be found below:

- Follow Glenn Coolidge Dr. until Hagar Dr.

- Turn Left on Hagar Dr. and follow until McLaughlin Dr.

- Turn Left on McLaughlin Dr. until you reach College Nine Rd.

- Turn Right on College Nine Rd. and follow the signs to the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office.

Unloading time:

After coming to the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office, you will be guided to go to your building of residence. You will have approximately 20 minutes to unload your things from your vehicle and then will be directed to the East Remote parking lot, to park for the rest of the day.

Move In Parking Pass:

College Nine and College Ten will issue a “Move In Pass” to serve as a temporary parking pass to allow you to unload vehicles near your residence hall or apartment. This “Move In Pass” is valid in parking lots posted “Move In” only. These passes are temporary and will expire approximately 30 minutes after being issued to you by the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office.

TAPS Sales Office will be selling temporary parking permits for students, family and friends who plan to have a car on campus before or beyond your move-in date. This permit is unnecessary for students who are eligible for parking and plan to purchase a permit for the academic year.

Orientation for EAP/Visiting Students:

For more information, please visit orientation website at: EAP/Visiting Student Orientation