Get Involved with the CoCo

The CoCo offers several leadership opportunities in the College Ten community. You can Join the Coco Staff Team, Join a Group, or Teach or Facilitate a Group.


Join the CoCo Staff Team

Faculty Initiatives Assistant 

Assist in the development and implementation of programs that bring together faculty and students from Colleges Ten in meaningful interactions that enhance co-curricular learning related to the college's theme. Plan faculty presentations, field trips and other programs. For more information, please contact coco@ucsc.eduThe application deadline for this position is April 8th, 2020.

Special Projects Assistant 

Works closely with professional and other student staff to develop passive or interactive opportunities that highlight issues related to the themes of both colleges through pop-ups, booths, installations, poster campaigns, tabling events, interactive creative opportunities as well as visual representations of theme-related issues. For any questions please contact coco@ucsc.eduThe application deadline for this position is April 8th, 2020.

Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program  

CUIP Internship Position provides leadership in planning and teaching College Ten 2-credit class, facilitating a leadership group, and developing other programs to enhance the college's theme of Social Justice and Community. For more information on the Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship program, please visit the Career Center CUIP page or contact coco@ucsc.eduThe application deadline for this position has already passed. If you are interested in working with the Coco please check back in January. 

Office Assistant

Office Assistants provide administrative & clerical support to assist in the production of CoCurricular, theme related programs at College Nine & College Ten. Varying availability throughout the year.  Email for more information.


A variety of opportunities throughout the year.  Email for more information.

Join a Group

For information about upcoming meetings, check the College Ten calendar

ENGAGE - Explore New Growth and Gain Experience

Develop leadership skills, explore social justice and community, and gather the resources to become more engaged in your community. ENGAGE takes place during Fall Quarter.

Practical Activism Planning

Planning begins in the Spring Quarter prior to the conference. College Nine, College Ten & Oakes College students work collaboratively to develop content, plan workshops, and implement all aspects of the event. For more information, visit the Practical Activism website and Attend an Info Session.

MCW - Multicultural Community Weekend

An overnight retreat where you explore issues impacting your identity, build intercultural communication skills and examine the diversity of our community. 

CREATE - Cultural Resources to Educate and to Empower

CREATE offers a community/home at College Nine and College Ten for students of color to find support and empowerment through mentorship and friendship.  CREATE also hosts educational, political, and social programs throughout the academic year.

Triangle Club

Triangle Club offers monthly gatherings and other opportunities for celebrating and strengthening queer community at College Nine and College Ten. This club is open to all LGBTQ+ students and allies.  

Teach a Class or Facilitate a Group

Teaching Social Justice Issues - CLTE 191

Upper Division College Ten students explore materials and techniques to facilitate their own weekly section of 15-20 students in CLTE 85. Applications are due in October each year. 

MCW Co-Facilitator

If you have participated in MCW, you can apply to be a co-facilitator. You’ll work with a group of students and staff to develop this year’s MCW. Applications will be available Fall Quarter. 

Practical Activism Leadership

Members of the planning group who have shown excellent leadership, organization and follow-through may apply to take on leadership roles. Visit the Practical Activism Website to get involved!

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