Alumni News - Diana Tsuchida at TEDxPeacePlaza

August 30, 2018

Diana Tsuchida speaking on the TEDx Stage

Diana Tsuchida recently spoke at a TEDxPeacePlaza event. She is a College Ten alumna who graduated from UCSC with a BA in Feminist Studies in 2007.

About Diana:

Diana Emiko Tsuchida is an independent writer and the creator of Tessaku, an oral history project that shares stories about the Japanese American incarceration. Her work has been featured on NPR’s “Code Switch”, NBC’s “Asian Pacific America”, Discover Nikkei and the Center for Asian American Media. Her grandfather was a vocal resister against the incarceration and was sent to the Citizen Isolation Center in Leupp, Arizona and the Department of Justice camp in Crystal City, Texas. Her father and grandmother spent the war in Tule Lake.

Bio from the TEDx Peace Plaza Website linked here.

Follow this link to read Diana's work and website about the Japanese American Experience during WWII.