Leadership Opportunities

In addition to Student Groups and Student Employment, College Ten offers volunteer leadership opportunities.

    Teach College Ten's 2-Credit Class

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    Upper Division College Ten students are invited to apply to teach CLTE 85: Social Justice in the winter quarter.  Student instructors go through training in November and January, and meet weekly with an instructor in the winter to explore materials, techniques, and tools to facilitate their own weekly section of 15-20 students for CLTE 85.  Applications for these positions are due in April for the following academic year. For more information, contact Wendy Baxter at wbaxter@ucsc.edu

  • Co-Facilitate Multicultural Community Weekend (MCW)

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    If you have participated in MCW, you can apply to be a co-facilitator.  You’ll work with a group of students and staff to develop this year’s MCW. The deadline for the application is Monday, November 21st, no later than 5 pm.  For more information, contact Wendy Baxter at wbaxter@ucsc.edu.


  • Practical Activism Conference Planning

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    Planning begins in the spring quarter prior to the conference.  College Nine, College Ten & Oakes College students work corroboratively to develop content, plan workshops, and implement all aspects of the event. Recruitment for planners for the 2018 conference will begin soon! For more information, check out ways to get involved or contact Wendy Baxter at wbaxter@ucsc.edu

  • Campus Guides

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    Campus Guides are responsible for producing a successful orientation of new College Nine and College Ten students in the fall. This team assists several other programs throughout the year, serving as tour guides, leaders within the college community, and resources for new students. Recruitment takes place in the spring and requires early return for the fall quarter. This is a volunteer position with great perks! If interested, please contact Eva Long at ehlong@ucsc.edu.

  • Rumi's Field Peer Facilitator

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    Facilitators live on the Rumi’s Field floor, gain leadership and facilitation experience, and develop skills in nonviolent communication. The applications for this position are due in April for the following academic year. For more information on how to become a peer facilitator, contact Wendy Baxter at wbaxter@ucsc.edu.

  • Co-facilitate Service Learning Class

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    Upper Division College Ten students who have previously taken the fall, winter or spring Esprit de Corps Service-Learning class (CLTE 110 and CLTE 110B) are invited to apply to co-facilitate the course along with the Service-Learning Student Assistant.  The student-facilitated course takes place during the winter, and spring quarters. Student instructors meet weekly with Abbey Asher, Service-Learning instructor, to brainstorm curriculum and teaching techniques in preparation for facilitating their own section of 20-30 students.  One position available for 2-units of credit.  For more information, contact Abbey Asher at aasher@ucsc.edu. Apply in the spring (May 1) to co-facilitate during the winter and spring of the following academic year.  To access the application, please click here.