Debate Series

Since 2004, the CoCurricular Programs Office at College Nine and College Ten has offered debate and roundtable programs addressing some of the most challenging and controversial topics of our time. These programs have offered a platform where experts with widely differing viewpoints and philosophies have debated topics including affirmative action, the war in Iraq, abortion rights, marriage equality,and military recruitment at public institutions.

In each case, presenters have articulated their perspectives to the best of their abilities and respectfully challenged opposing viewpoints. Students benefit by both gaining a deeper understanding of the complexity and depth of the issues, as well as having the opportunity to observe the respectful discourse and debate skills modeled on the stage.

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Past Debates

February 25, 2016

Inside Islamophobia: ISIS, Trump, and the impact on American Muslims

November 5, 2014

Climate Change Roundtable 

May 28, 2014

Gun Culture: Gun Control, Gun Rights and Second Amendment Issues 

May 2, 2013

October 13, 2010

Academic Free Speech

Marijuana & Proposition 19

February 10, 2010 Health Care Reform
May 28, 2009 Animals & Research Roundtable
February 4, 2009 Cuba Libre: Revolution & Transition
February 13, 2008 Hip Hop Roundtable
February 21, 2007 Immigration
October 12, 2006 War in Iraq
May 4, 2006 Affirmative Action
February 8, 2006 Military Recruitment
October 13, 2005 Abortion
May 18, 2004 Marriage Equality