Tabling Policy

The College Nine and College Ten Tabling Policy

College Nine and College Ten have placed limits on tabling in front of our Dining Hall entrance and in our Residence Hall & Apartment Quads.

All other tabling at College Nine and College Ten must comply with campus tabling policies, which are excerpted below and can be found in full in the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook (

Dining Hall Entrance Area Tabling Policies and Restrictions

The Dining Hall Entrance Area encompases the area covered by the dining hall entrance overhang. Unauthorized tabling in this location is not permitted.

Tabling Requests
A) To table in this area, groups must email a tabling request to the Assistant College Programs Coordinator ( at least one week in advance of their requested date.
B) The Activities Office can only provide a table and chairs to organizations during business hours. If your organization would like to table outside of regular business hours, you will need to provide your own table and chairs.
C) Tabling requests can only be made for the current quarter.
D) Only two organizations may table at the same time.
E) No organization may table more than 20 hours per quarter.
F) Priority will be given to College Nine and College Ten student groups.
G) This location may not be used for commercial activities (as described in Section 42.32 of the Handbook).
H) This location may not be used for non-university organizations, unless they are sponsored by a university organization (as described in Section 40.45 of the Handbook)

A) Tablers are required to display a validated “Tabling Permit” while tabling in this area. Your permit will be created when you tabling request is approved. You can pick it up at the Activities Office when you pick up your table and chairs.
B) Tablers cannot hinder the free flow of people entering and leaving the dining hall and University Center.
C) Tablers cannot hinder the free flow of traffic on the walkway/driveway in front of the dining hall.

Residence Hall & Apartment Quads

Tabling is not permitted in the Residence Hall & Apartment Quads. These locations are managed by the Residential Life Office.

Campus Policies

All other tabling at College Nine and College Ten must comply with campus tabling policy. Here are some relevant excerpts. You can view the complete policy in the UCSC Student Policies and Regulations Handbook (

Section 30.30
The time, place, and manner of exercising the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly, and worship are subject to campus regulations that shall provide for non-interference with University functions and reasonable protection to persons against practices that would make them involuntary audiences or place them in reasonable fear, as determined by the University, for their personal safety.
Section 30.31 Time, Place and Manner:
UC may regulate the time, place, and manner of speech. In public forums the regulations must be content neutral, narrowly tailored to serve a significant interest and leave open ample alternative channels of communication (e.g., time of day restrictions, location limits, preservation of access or traffic flow, limits on amplified sound).
Section 30.32 Forums:
The right to use particular locations at UC campuses for speech activities is largely a function of the character and/or location of the property where the speech occurs. The broadest rights are in areas that are open to the public, traditionally used for or intentionally opened to expressive activities, and not limited to use for specific purposes or topics (“public” or “traditional” forums). Rights are much narrower in other locations such as but not limited to lecture halls, classrooms or business offices (“non-public forums”).
30.41 Advocacy Activities In Residential Facilities.
For security purposes, residential facilities are not considered public areas. They are not accessible to members of the general public unless invited as guests with the express consent of a residential facility resident, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Housing (Housing Contract). Neither commercial solicitation nor commercial literature distribution is permitted by residents or non-residents in any residential unit. For a definition of commercial versus noncommercial activity please see Section 42.32. Only current residents of a particular hall [...] may distribute non-commercial literature or solicit for non-commercial purposes — including religious or political materials—to other residents of their own residence hall, except voter registration activities which are covered separately under Section 42.50.
Section 40.40
On university grounds open to the public generally, as may be described in campus regulations, all persons may exercise the constitutionally protected rights of free expression, speech, assembly, worship (including the distribution or sale of noncommercial literature incidental to the exercise of these freedoms). Such activities shall not interfere with the orderly operation of the campus and must be conducted in accordance with campus time, place, and manner regulations (Section 30.30).
Section 40.41
For the purpose of these regulations, “grounds open to the public generally” are defined as the outdoor areas of the campus (e.g., lawns, patios, plazas) that are at least 10 feet from the entrances/exits of campus buildings and parking lots, and that are also a safe distance from the curbing of campus roads. Outdoor recreational areas (e.g., playing fields, courts, swimming pools) and grounds adjacent to designated “private residences” (e.g., Faculty/Staff Housing, residences of the chancellor and college provosts) are excluded from this definition. All activity in open areas must be conducted in such a way that vehicular and pedestrian traffic is not impeded and normal instructional, research, and administrative activities are not disrupted. Tables (excludes commercial activity Section 42.32) may not be placed in areas where direct passage to or through any entrances, exits, sidewalks, or walkways are blocked. Tables may be no larger than three feet by six feet and may not extend beyond three feet of the perimeter of the table. (Additional safety restrictions may pertain to activities at or near the Quarry Plaza parking lot or campus entries.)
Section 42.32
For the purpose of these regulations, a commercial activity is defined as the sale of any object or the sponsorship of any program conducted primarily to generate income for individuals or businesses. This category of activity is not intended to include the hiring of speakers or performers by the university. Copies of the Campus Commercial Activities Policy may be obtained from the executive director, Bay Tree Bookstore at 459-4544 or via the Web at