Commencement at College Ten

The College Ten
Commencement Ceremony

Friday, June 14th, 2019 at 6:30pm in the Quarry Amphitheater.


  • Commencement Tickets


    Commencement weekend is exciting and celebratory.  We must also ensure it is accessible and safe for all patrons.  Fourteen separate events are hosted in two major campus venues over a three-day period. These 14 events include one Graduate and ten Undergraduate degree-conferring ceremonies, and three very large scale departmental celebrations. Due to a maximum seating capacity at one of the commencement venues and overall limitations in parking availability, transit and time duration between each event, for the first time ever we are utilizing ticketing for each of the ceremonies. Doing so will assist participants in knowing they will have a seat from which to participate and will enable us to ensure guests for the subsequent ceremony will have a place to park and time to arrive for their graduate's ceremony.   

    Each graduate will receive 6 tickets to distribute to their family and friends for attendance, as well as 2 parking passes.
    Guests who do not possess a ticket will not be permitted entrance into any ceremony.  
    Drivers of vehicles that do not possess a parking pass will not be permitted to park.

    Ticket will be made available to students who are registered for our commencement ceremonies beginning on May 15th.

    The campus will live-stream each of the 14 commencement ceremonies/celebrations so that individuals who are unable to travel or participate in person will have a front row seat from virtually anywhere in the world.

    If you have general questions about commencements at UCSC, you can contact

  • Graduation and Commencement are not the same.

    They have separate online processes and separate timelines. 



    Graduation is the act of conferring an academic degree (receiving your degree or diploma). To do this you must apply via the portal at the start of the quarter in which your academic record will be complete. Do not apply to graduate now if you will take summer classes or will finish in Fall 2019. Please pay close attention to the deadlines the registrar has for graduation application. For instructions on how to apply, click here.



    Commencement is a ceremony to celebrate completion of your college career and does not guarantee the completion of your degree. You can find the link to register for Commencement below.

  • Here is the info you'll need to navigate your way through Commencement at College Ten!



    Check your degree completion requirements.

    You'll want to check with your departmental adviser to confirm you've completed the requirements for your major before you apply to graduate.

    You'll also want to check on your portal to confirm you've completed all the degree requirements outside of your major, like GE credits or the Writing component.
    Be sure to consult with an academic advisor at your college if there are discrepancies, or if you have questions about graduation requirements.



    Apply to Graduate (if this is your final quarter).

    If you will be completing your studies at the end of the current quarter, you can apply to graduate at your portal. For instructions on how to apply, click here. If you will return for classes after the current quarter, you should wait until your final quarter before applying to graduate.

    The deadline to Apply to Graduate in Spring Quarter is April 26th.

    If you plan to graduate in Summer, the deadline is August 2nd. Fall Quarter deadlines have not been set. Folks who apply after these deadlines will be charged late fees. For more information, visit the Registrar's Website



    Register for the College Ten Commencement Ceremony! 

    Students who do not meet this criteria and feel that there are extenuating circumstances that would merit an exception to the eligibility criteria to walk in the ceremony, may appeal to the provost. Appeals to walk in the ceremony are due no later than April 26, 2019. An appeal should include a written justification letter, a plan signed by your major adviser explaining how you will complete your major requirements, and any supporting documentation, if applicable. Appeals may be submitted to no later than April 26, 2019. Appeals will be reviewed by the College Ten provost. Please consult a College Ten Adviser if you have any questions about the appeal process.

    You must meet two conditions in order to be eligible for participation in the 2019 College Ten Commencement Ceremony.

    1. You must have completed at least 150 credits by the end of Winter Quarter 2019.
    2. You must complete all requirements & coursework and graduate by the end of Fall Quarter 2019.

    All students who register for the College Ten Commencement Ceremony will have their records reviewed for eligibility. Ineligible students will be notified in May.

    If you are eligible to participate, you can register for the College Ten Commencement Ceremony via our online form - CLICK HERE.

    The deadline to apply is May 10th, 2019.

    Students must register before May 10th, or they cannot be guaranteed tickets, parking permits, or inclusion in the printed program.



    "I'm not a College Ten student, can I participate in the College Ten Commencement?"

    College Nine students:
    College Nine students can automatically participate in the College Ten Commencement Ceremony without petitioning to participate as a non affiliate. College Nine students can register via the link above. When asked which ceremony you'd like to participate in, simply select College Ten.


    Students who are not affiliated with Colleges Nine or Ten:
    You can petition to participate in the College Ten Commencement Ceremony as a non-affiliate. Petition approval is based on space availability and timing.

    If your petition is approved, you will need to visit the Activities Office and pay a $50 non-affiliate participation fee to finalize your petition. We only accept checks and money orders made out to "The UC Regents".

    Once your petition is approved and finalized, you will be able to register for the College Ten Commencement Ceremony via the registration link above. Non-affiliates who register without an approved and finalized petition on file with the Activities Office will have their registrations voided.

    CLICK HERE to submit your petition. We will respond with the status of your petition within five (5) business days.

    The deadline to register as a non-affiliate is April 26th at 5pm. If all the available non-affiliate spaces for the College Ten Ceremony have been filled, non-affiliate registration may close before the April 26th deadline. Your petition must be completed, approved and finalized before you can register, so be sure to give yourself enough time.


    Note: Changing college affiliation is not a viable way to avoid the non-affiliate fee. Seniors must be affiliated with their college for at least their final two quarters leading to graduation. You can find more information by clicking here.


  • Get Involved in Your Commencement!

  • Get Involved in Your Commencement! 



    Join the Colleges Nine and Ten Senior Committee!


    If you are interested in planning events and programs for your fellow graduates, join the College Nine and Ten Senior Committee! You can contact the Activities Office at to express your interest. Be sure to include which college you are affiliated with in your email.

    The deadline to join the Senior Committee is Thursday, February 21st by 4:00pm (unless slots for your college are filled before then).



    Become a student speaker at Commencement!


    Would you like to be a student speaker at your commencement ceremony?  In order to be considered, applicants must be affiliated with either College Nine or College Ten. Non-affiliates who have been heavily involved in the College Ten community may be considered if they also submit an appeal that demonstrates their connection to our communities. Students interested can email proposed speeches to Laura Wilson ( by April 12. Make sure to put "College Ten Student Commencement Speech" as the subject for your email, and include your name, email address, and college affiliation in the body of the email.

    The general criteria for the speeches are:

    • Your speech should be no longer than five minutes (between 750-1000 words).
    • Your speech should reflect College Ten's intellectual theme of Social Justice and Community.
    • Your speech may reflect your experiences as a student at College Ten. For example, some prior student speakers have referred to their participation in College Ten programs, their experiences in Service Learning, or Education Abroad. (However, your speech may additionally refer to other UCSC experiences outside of College Ten)
    • The speech should not sound too self-focused.  Please frame your experiences so that other students can relate to them.
    • The speeches will be evaluated based on content and writing quality.

    Finalists will be invited to deliver their speeches to Provost Flora Lu and a selection committee composed of students from the Senior Committee and staff on April 18th. The senior committee and staff will advise the provost, who will ultimately make the final decision. Once the speaker is selected, that student will be required to give the speech that was delivered to the committee (after minor edits and guidance from the provost and staff). Major last-minute changes will not be acceptable, as this causes undue burden and stress for the student speaker and for the commencement organizers. 



    Get recognized for your leadership and involvement at College Ten!


    If you have been active in programs and leadership positions that relate to our college theme of Social Justice and Community, consider applying for the Social Justic and Community Leadership Certificate. The Social Justic and Community Leadership Certificate requires self-nomination, and forms are available online at, click on the "Leadership Journal." The form lists sample qualifying activities and includes space for you to record your leadership involvement over the years you have been at the college.

    Apply for the certificate by Friday, May 3, 2019. (Late applications may be accepted, but earlier is better.  Certificates awarded to late applicants may not appear in the Commencement Program.)

    For more information, contact the Coco at, or talk to any College Nine or College Ten staff member you have worked closely with.


    Participate in the Multilingual Welcome!


    The College Ten Commencement Ceremony begins with the traditional Multilingual Welcome: a greeting from members of the Class of 2019 in some of the many languages of our graduates and their families. You can request to participate in the Multilingual Welcome on the Commencement Registration page (see link above). One student will be selected for each language. If more than one student requests a specific language, priority will be given to the student whose request came in first. You will be contacted in May about your participation in the Multilingual Welcome.




    Get recognized for College Ten Distinction!


    One of the goals of College Ten is to recognize and to encourage various ways in which a student can achieve distinction in their studies. College Ten strives to recognize students who incorporate the social justice and community theme in their undergraduate career. Students may be recognized with College Ten Distinction upon successful completion of three courses (15 credits) in service learning (for example CLTE 110 Esprit de Corps), internships, field study, Everett Program courses (SOCY 30A, 30B, and/or 30C), or CLTE 191 Teaching Social Justice. A minimum GPA of 3.50 among these three courses (15 credits) prior to your final quarter may qualify for College Ten Distinction. Students are especially encouraged to pursue research opportunities with faculty by doing a social justice and community theme-based senior thesis or a research internship.  

    Questions? Visit College Ten Distinction page

    The deadline to apply for Spring 2019 is April 26.

  • Don't forget to take care of these important steps!

  • Don't forget to take care of these important steps! 



    Check your Public Information Status.

    This is very important. Please read carefully.
    Your name and major are among the public information that the University can disclose in publications like the College Nine Commencement Program. On your student portal you can limit the University’s ability to release this kind of information.


    You have the ability to control how the University discloses your public information (like your name and major) in publications (like the printed Commencement program). You can adjust your status in your MyUCSC Portal. On the May 10th, 2019 registration deadline we will check with the University to confirm your public information status.

    • If your public information status is set to "RELEASE ALL RESTRICTIONS" we can include your name in publications, like the commencement program or other public, commencement-related documents.
    • If your public information status is set to "RESTRICT ALL FIELDS" we CANNOT legally include your name in publications, like the commencement program or other public, commencement-related documents.
    • If you would like your public information to remain generally RESTRICTED, but you would like to be included in the commencement program, you can select the "RELEASE TO PUBLICATION" option and choose "COMMENCEMENT PROG & HONORS LIST". You can find instructions on how to do this here:



    Order your Cap & Gown, and more from the Bay Tree Bookstore.


    Click HERE to visit the Bookstore's Graduation Center.

    The folks at the Bookstore strongly urge that you visit the bookstore during Grad Fair week to take care of your graduation needs. Why? As Spring quarter progresses, you will be busy with finalizing your major, with making preparations for your family visit and with planning your life post-graduation. This can be a very overwhelming time filled with excitement and pride but also a little bit of anxiety and fear. It does not take long to reserve your gown, order your announcements and select a ring so we urge you to get these highly important details out of the way as soon as possible! 

    Grad Fair Hours: Tuesday, April 16 – Friday, April 19, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Graduation Center Hours: Tuesday, April 16 through Friday June 7, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    Online ordering is open from April 16 – May 31.

    Regalia Distribution Dates:

    June 10th – 16th. Hours and more detailed information will be available soon on the Bookstore's Graduation Center webpage. Distribution takes place on the second floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore.

    Regalia Returns:

    Gowns should be returned immediately following your ceremony or reception. There will be drop-off stations marked "Gown Return" at each ceremony. Returns will also be taken at the Bay Tree Bookstore on Saturday, 8:00AM – 7:00PM and on Sunday, 8:00AM – 7:00PM. Any gowns not returned by Sunday must be returned to the Bay Tree Bookstore on Monday, June 17 during regular store hours. Students who do not return regalia will be billed for replacement costs.




    Attend the Commencement Ceremony rehearsal.


    A brief commencement rehearsal for both College Nine and College Ten will be held at the end of finals week in June. Meet at the Quarry Plaza. We will walk through the ceremony procedures and answer any last minute questions.

    The rehearsal is tentatively set for Thursday, June 13th at 10:00am.


Congratulations! We look forward to seeing you in June!