Commencement at College Ten

The College Ten
Commencement Ceremony

Sunday, June 14th, at 3:30pm in the Quarry Amphitheater.



Registration will open on March 13th, 2020. On-Time Registration will close on May 4th, 2020. 

Eligibility for Commencement: College Ten students who have earned 150 units at the end of the Winter 2020 term and plan to complete all coursework and requirements and graduate by the end of Fall 2020 are eligible to participate in our June 2020 ceremony.  

Students who do not meet this criteria and feel that there are extenuating circumstances that would merit an exception to the eligibility criteria to walk in the ceremony, may appeal to the provost.  Appeals to walk in the ceremony are due no later than April 24, 2020.  An appeal should include a written justification letter, a plan signed by your major adviser explaining how you will complete your major requirements, and any supporting documentation, if applicable.  Appeals may be submitted to no later than April 24, 2020.   Appeals will be reviewed by the College Ten provost.  Please consult a College Ten Adviser if you have any questions about the appeal process.  

Applying for Official Graduation:  Please be advised that applying for official graduation is a separate process that occurs through your student portal.  Students should verify their degree completion requirements by doing the following:
  • Check in with your major adviser to make sure you have fulfilled your major requirements
  • Check your Academic Advisement Report in your MyUCSC Student Portal
  • Verify that you have satisfied (or will satisfy) the following:
    • All University Requirements (including American History and Institutions).
    • All General Education Requirements.
    • The College Ten Core Course Requirement (this is waived for transfer students).
    • Completion of at least 179.5 credits.
    • No more than 25% of your UCSC credits taken for Pass/No Pass.
    • Minimum 2.0 UC GPA (cumulative).
    • 35 of the last 45 credits taken at UCSC.

Please view the General Catalog for more information on degree requirements. We encourage you to meet with a College Ten Adviser if you have questions about your requirements or eligibility. Please refer to our Advising Hours Calendar for drop-in hours. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 831-459-5034 or visiting Slug Success.

For more information click here.


Join the Senior Committee!

If you are interested in planning events and programs for your fellow graduates, join the College Nine and Ten Senior Committee! You can contact the Activities Office at to express your interest. Be sure to include which college you are affiliated with within your email.

The deadline to join the Senior Committee is Friday, February 7th by 4:00 pm.


Become a student speaker at the College Ten Commencement!

Would you like to be a student speaker at your commencement ceremony?  In order to be considered, applicants must be affiliated with either College Nine or College Ten. Non-affiliates who have been heavily involved in the College Ten community may be considered if they also submit an appeal that demonstrates their connection to our communities. 

The general criteria for the speeches are:

  • Your speech should be no longer than five minutes (between 750-1000 words).
  • Your speech should reflect College Nine's intellectual theme of International and Global Perspectives.
  • Your speech may reflect your experiences as a student at College Nine.  For example, some prior student speakers have referred to their participation in College Nine programs, their experiences at the International Living Center, or Education Abroad.  (However, your speech may additionally refer to other UCSC experiences outside of College Nine)
  • The speech should not sound too self-focused.  Please frame your experiences so that other students can relate to them.
  • The speeches will be evaluated based on content and writing quality.

The deadline to email the proposed speeches is Monday, April 20th! Speeches can be emailed to Make sure to put "Colleges Nine & Ten Student Commencement Speech" as the subject for your email, and include your name, email address, and college affiliation in the body of the email. Finalists will be informed by Friday, April 24th.  Finalists will be invited to audition on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 29th. Finalists will be invited to deliver their speeches to Provost Flora Lu and a selection committee composed of students from the Senior Committee and staff. The senior committee and staff will advise the provost, who will ultimately make the final decision. Once the speaker is selected, that student will be required to give the speech that was delivered to the committee (after minor edits and guidance from the provost and staff). Major last-minute changes will not be acceptable, as this causes undue burden and stress for the student speaker and for the commencement organizers.


Tickets for Commencement

Due to a maximum seating capacity at the commencement venues and overall limitations in parking availability, transit and time duration between each event, we will be utilizing ticketing for each of the ceremonies. At this time the number of tickets and parking permits available are tentative. We are hoping to be able to provide six guest tickets and two parking permits per student, as we did last year, but those numbers are not finalized. We will let you know more as information becomes available. Tickets will be made available to students who are registered for our commencement ceremonies beginning May 15th.