College Ten Distinction

One of the goals of College Ten is to recognize and to encourage various ways in which a student can achieve distinction in their studies. College Ten strives to recognize students who incorporate the social justice and community theme in their undergraduate career. Students may be recognized with College Ten Distinction upon successful completion of three courses (15 credits) in service learning (for example CLTE 110 Esprit de Corps), internships, field study, Everett Program courses (SOCY 30A, 30B, and/or 30C), or CLTE 191 Teaching Social Justice. A minimum GPA of 3.50 among these three courses (15 credits) prior to your final quarter may qualify for College Ten Distinction. Students are especially encouraged to pursue research opportunities with faculty by doing a social justice and community theme-based senior thesis or a research internship.  Questions?  Please email us at:  

Download the College Ten Distinction Application here.

Application Deadlines for 2016-17

Fall Quarter 2016        October 21, 2016

Winter Quarter 2017    February 3, 2017

Spring Quarter 2017    April 28, 2017

Summer 2017             August 4, 2017