Meet Our Peer Advisors!

Our Peer Advising Team is here to help you with questions that you may have regarding scheduling an appointment with an advisor, academic policies, academic deadlines, finding campus resources, and navigating your student portal. They are a great resource to use and are available to answer your questions at the front desk.

For scheduling appointments with an advisor and general questions, feel free to email or call 831-459-5034.


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    Business Management Economics

    He, Him, His

    Hi! My name is Matthias and I am a second year student from Geneva Building, College Nine. Upon growing up and attending school in Frankfurt, Germany, I decided to move to California to pursue a degree in Business Management Economics. Being a peer advisor to me is taking responsibility to hand on crucial information to students. Additionally, it means adapting to their perspectives and understanding their individual needs and concerns. Working with my colleagues and learning about other students' college experience adds social aspects to my job, which makes my working shifts even more interesting and dynamic. As a peer advisor, I am hoping to contribute to a well organized Colleges Nine and Ten community by doing my best at academically and personally supporting incoming students.

    Fun Facts:

    1. I enjoy playing tennis.

    2. I want to travel to South East Asia.

    3. I have a fishing license but I don't like eating fish (not even sushi).

  • Sandra

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    Economics with a Minor in Education (possible East Asian Studies)

    She, Her, Hers

    Hey, I'm Sandra and I'm currently a 3rd year in UCSC. I was born in South Korea, so English is my second language. I understand how tough transitioning into new environment can be and I'm grateful that I can help other students in doing so as a peer advisor. I love getting to meet new people and having the ability to share my personal (current) student experiences as an advice to someone. We don't bite, so feel free to ask us any questions and we'll gladly be at your service!



    Fun Facts:

    1. I LOVE kids, children, and babies.

    2. I used to babysit for free because I love them so much.

    3. I can't snap my fingers.

  • Kindchia

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    Human Biology

    She, Her, Hers

    My name is Kindchia Wong and I am a fourth year student majoring in Human Biology! Peer advising to me means helping out my fellow peers by directing them to necessary resources that they might have not known about and assisting them in any way possible. I know how nerve-wracking school can be and the added stress of accidentally dropping a class without meaning to or just being completely lost makes school unnecessarily harder. So, I'm super happy that I have an opportunity, like being a peer advisor, to help the transition to college (and from quarter to quarter) easier and smoother.




    Fun Facts:

    1. I am left-handed.

    2. I love reading creepy stories but then I end up being scared of everything for a good two weeks after.

    3. I have a nice pair of rain boots.

  • Marisol

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    Proposed Human Biology and Spanish

    She, Her, Hers

    Hey y'all!

    I'm currently a second year student and really happy to be a part of the peer advising team. Peer advising is not just scheduling appointments and lots of filing, but a great opportunity to be able help out other students from the community and develop stronger communication and leadership skills!







    Fun Facts:

    1. I love food and I am not really picky as long as it isn't spicy.

    2. I am really passionate about dance and am part of Haluan and Sabrosura.

    3. My first car was a stick shift and I really like just driving around in it.

  • Andres

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    History and Education

    Him, His, He 

    Hi There!

    My names Andres Saldivar. I'm a fourth year History and Education minor. As a first generation college student, I understand the struggles with navigating throughout campus. I enjoy being a peer advisor because it gives me an opportunity to help others in need whether it be enrolling in classes or getting that quarterly sticker! (ps. We do way more than just hand out stickers) But I’m happy to help and be a part of the c9/10 academic advising team!





    Fun Facts:

    1. I studied abroad in Rome, Italy.

    2. I can play six instruments (guitar & bass clarinet <3).

    3. I like sushi, Indian food, and 100% authentic tacos.

  • Esther

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    History of Art and Visual Culture (HAVC)

    She, Her, Hers

    As a peer advisor, I find the whole experience of helping fellow students reach their academic success really rewarding. It's really hard to navigate through college and all of its crazy procedures, so I feel lucky to have this opportunity to be that helping hand to students who are in need.








    Fun Facts:

    1. I love to laugh.

    2. I love to make people laugh.

    3. I have a serious, long-term commitment with hot sauce. (I AM A SERIOUS DIPPING SAUCE CONNOISSEUR. Tabasco, Tapatio, Sriracha, Cholula... honey, you name it. I HAVE IT AND I LOVE IT.)

  • Judy

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    Environmental Studies with Biology

    She, Her, Hers

    Hello! My name is Judy and I am a third year Environmental Studies/Biology major. As a peer advisor, I love interacting and helping students through the struggles of college. School isn't always easy but I think talking it out and swapping experiences can really help. Can't wait to chat with you! :)






    Fun Facts:

    1. I loveeee anything matcha.

    2. I hope to be scuba certified by the time I graduate UCSC.

    3. Low-key obsessed with Caillou--the theme song is my ringtone.

  • Chantico

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    Film and Digital Media - Production Concentration

    She, Her, Hers

    Hey there! I am Chantico Martinez and I work as a Peer Advisor at Advising Office here at College Nine and College Ten. I love working as a Peer Advisor because I get to help students resolve any academic question and learn a lot myself throughout the process. I am excited to help freshman pick and choose their classes that will eventually lead to their future majors. As a Peer Advisor I hope to accomplish as many academic as well as professional opportunities as I can.







    Fun Facts:

    1. I am afraid of spiders.

    2. My favorite food is lasagna.

    3. I want to travel the world.