2017 Winter Quarter Move Out Info

This information is for residents who will not be attending UCSC after Winter Quarter.  If you are coming back Spring Quarter, please see Spring Break info.

You must move out no later than Saturday, March 25th 12PM Noon

You are only approved to move out of your UCSC housing if you meet the following criteria:
  • I am an EAP student and my exchange program is ending
  • I am graduating
  • I am participating in a Study Abroad program (if you are leaving for 1 quarter only, you will be able to re-apply for housing upon your return to UCSC).
  • I will no longer be a UCSC student because:
    • I have officially withdrawn or taken a leave of absence from the university *see NOTE
    • I am transferring to another university*
    • I have been academically barred
  • I have been previously approved for a cancellation for another reason through the housing office.

*Note: If you are withdrawing, taking a leave of absence or transferring to another University, you must submit required paperwork with the Academic Advising office of the College you are affiliated with before your housing contract can be cancelled.


Move-Out Procedure:  

* Failure to comply with procedure may result in additional fees. *

1.  Sign a Housing Contract Cancellation Form at the College Nine and College Ten Housing Office

  • You must complete this step before you will be allowed to move out.  If you have not done this yet, come to the housing office ASAP.

2.  Sign up for a time to move out with your RA

  • Calendar schedules will be posted on their doors in the Residence Halls and in Common areas in the Apartments and ILC starting Wednesday, March 15th 
  • You must sign up for a time giving a minimum of 24 hours notice so plan ahead!  If your RA is not available when you need to move out, talk to them and they will assist you in signing up with an RA on another floor for the time you desire.
  • You must move out no later than Saturday, March 25th 12:00 PM Noon. If you are in need of an extension to remain in residence through Saturday, March 25th past Noon or Sunday, March 26th, please contact us at 9housing10@.ucsc.edu.

Note: No move outs are permitted between Midnight - 8:00 am. The Housing Office cannot move you out, you MUST find an RA. 

3.   Keep your move-out appointment!  Before moving out of your room with your RA, please ensure:

  • You have removed all personal belongings from inside drawers, desks, closets, etc. Do not leave anything behind!
  • All trash and recycling has been removed and placed in dumpsters outside your building.
  • Your space has been thoroughly cleaned, dusted and vacuumed, drawers and tabletops wiped clean.
  •  All posters, wall hangings, tape residue, etc. are removed from the walls, ceilings, etc.
  • All original furniture is in the room in its original position.

**If the above items are not completed, the RA will not move you out of your space and you will have to reschedule your appointment time.  

During your move out appointment, your RA will collect your key(s) and walk through your space with a Room Condition Form (RCF). Once you have signed your RCF, turned in your key(s), and confirmed you have completed your Housing Contract Cancellation Form, you have completed the Winter Move Out process!