The International Living Center (ILC) is not just a place to live.  It's a thriving community of residents from around the world living and learning together.  A small community with only 100 students, the ILC offers a unique chance to live in an undergraduate apartment community made up of a mix of US and International students.  It was founded on the belief that the best way to form intercultural friendship and to foster international understanding, is through working, living, studying, and socializing with people from different backgrounds.  And that is true.  With so many residents being a long way from home, a strong community is formed very quickly, with many residents developing life-long friendships.  (In fact, we've had a few marriages between former ILC residents!)  To that end, the ILC works together to organize many special events designed to create a global community among residents and to help new international exchange student adapt to living in the United States.     

If you are interested in living in the ILC... keep in mind that you are going to get out of the ILC exactly what you put into it.  If you are willing to attend programs, learn about and appreciate other cultures, and generally be a part of the community - then you are in for a great time with some great people.  If this doesn't sound like your thing, than UCSC offers some other great on-campus communities that might be more your style.

To hear from some former ILC residents about why they think the ILC is so great, please watch the ILC video