Academic Advising Staff

College Ten Academic Advising Team

Academic advising is first introduced to students starting with the Summer Orientation Program in July and followed by a supplemental advising orientation program during fall quarter Welcome Week.  You will have an opportunity to meet with your college adviser, major adviser, and others who are here to help in your transition to UCSC.  You will hear about campus services, the enrollment process, degree requirements, and more.  You will also be able to enroll on-site and get your picture taken for your student identification card. By attending your college's academic advising orientation, you are taking control of and responsibility for your education.  As partners in your education, your College Ten Advisers are here to help you achieve your goals, to explain policies and requirements, and to refer you to support services when necessary. (A condensed version of College Ten's advising orientation is re-created for new winter quarter admits.)

While there are many types of advisers who can assist students in specific areas from financial aid to majors, college academic advisers are generalists with a broad base of knowledge and experience to help guide and support you.  Your college adviser can clarify policies, help you with petitioning procedures, consult with you on your course selections, help you figure out how to incorporate internships and study abroad programs within your four-year plan.  The College Ten Advisers can also direct you to important career planning workshops, job and graduate school fairs, and other academic and experiential enrichment opportunities at UCSC.  Please note that advising in the major (or minor) is facilitated through the major adviser and not through your college adviser, as they are most familiar with their catalog year requirements, courses, admissions criteria, and more.

Academic advising continues in various forms from workshops, in-person meetings, and emails throughout your undergraduate career.  For advising-related updates, announcements about academic deadlines, and campus events be sure to "Like" our College Ten Academic Advising Facebook Page.  Advising is an important part of your undergraduate education and the advisers are here to support your success in college.  If you have any academic advising-related questions, you are welcome to contact one of us via email, but remember to correspond through your UCSC Google email account, which is used exclusively by our campus.  When corresponding with us, please include your full name and student identification number in the body of your email, and use College Ten Advising in the subject line.  We look forward to working with you throughout your undergraduate career.  Remember that advising, whether it is through your college, department/major, Career Center, etc., should be considered an integral part of your overall undergraduate education.